Glow Oil was founded in 1996 at Iraq to serve the energy markets from Iraq toward the region, aiming to facilitate energy delivery to the end users.

In 2009-2015 Glow Oil has extended her activities to the UAE by the strategic joint venture by 49% with Gulf Petroleum Co (one of the leading companies in UAE), with a fleet of vessels, in addition to two storage tanks farms at Al Hamriyah - Sharjah and Ajman with 80K CBM capacity, owned also by the company.

In 2015, Glow Oil become an integrated group consist of four active companies:

Glow Oil FZC- UAE
Glow Shipping Lines LLC- UAE
Glow Oil General Trading LLC- UAE
Abar Ali Company- Iraq

Glow Oil Company and since founded, committed to deliver the energy efficiently and smoothly to the end users, abiding to the values of sincerity, transparency, respect & appreciation, focusing in customers services and team work, which gave Glow Oil an advanced position as one of the major privet trading companies in the petroleum products sector, furthermore Glow Oil abiding to the work core values was the key of a tight relationship with the majors in petroleum supplying in the region.


Glow Oil founded by Mrs. Mohanad Hatem Al-Waeli and Mr. Mohammed Hatem Al-Waeli, who have more than 35 years of experience in the energy & energy services sector; trading, transporting and shipping, storage, and ships’ management.


Glow Oil management is adapted by merging experience with the technology revolution and applications as well as abiding to work core values, which lead for the rapid growing of the company and achieving the company’s goals and granted her advanced place within the majors of energy sector in the region.

Taking her responsibilities seriously is a key characteristic of Glow Oil management approach, which defines how we work, and interact with clients, partners and community.

The Glow Oil business is built upon understanding and managing risks. Its ownership structure incentivizes the preservation of capital and a measured approach to risk and creates a culture of responsibility and accountability.



We are a leading regional group in the oil and gas sector with high profitability and social responsibility towards its employees, society, and the environment. Our group has high responsibility and credibility as well as its continued innovation and development, making it the best partner in the energy sector.

It also aims to achieve further global expansion from the UAE to the Far East, Europe, and Africa.


To make a long-term difference in our industry and earn the trust of our customers and partners.


  • Teamwork - Work hand in hand over the property involved responsibilities and results
  • Integrity - To show sincerity and honesty trust and fairness when dealing with all the parties’ values.
  • Transparency - Achieve integrity and harmony in everything we do from trading, to in contact with others simply and clearly, and accurately.
  • Respect – Appreciation, and respect for all stakeholders.
  • Focus on customer service - To give importance to customers in everything we do.


Our experience in operating in oil trade business was from the last 14 years with a joint venture.
The Company owns, manages and operates oil tankers of different sizes and types.
So Our Company trading with petroleum products like fuel oil, gas oil and gasoline within the Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, East of Africa & India with fast moving & great service.


  • The safety of souls, protecting environment and properties through safe operations.
  • Meet the needs of the targeted markets and contribute to support economic development
  • Continue to build the necessary criteria in storage facilities and the expansion of trade by exploiting the opportunities for cooperation.
  • Expanding both the marketing and sales operations and strengthening its business reputation in the target markets.


Safety of souls and environment is always our first priority. We aim to prevent fatalities and damages to environment and properties, relaying on preventive policy rather than corrective policy as eliminating unsafe conditions and the root causes by enforcing safety as a life style to all employees. We are working to ensure compliance with our safety procedures and according to the international standards to strength the safety culture to limit the unsafe behaviours.


In order to: Ensure safety at sea; Prevent human injury or loss of life; Avoid damage to the environment, in particular to the marine environment and to property; Satisfy the contractual requirements and meet the expectation of the Clients; Protect and warn vessels and crew against illegal practices;

GLOW OIL has rigorous policies and procedures in place to ensure that it complies with all relevant national and international legislation and regulation.

Glow oil business is built upon understanding and managing risk. Its ownership structure incentivizes the preservation of capital and a measured approach to risk, and creates a culture of responsibility and accountability.

Responsibility is core to our culture. It defines how we work, how we behave and how we interact with our customers, our partners and our communities. We appreciate the risks involved in our sector and take our responsibilities extremely seriously. We understand that our reputation depends on our honouring our commitments, doing what is right for the long-term and always treating others with respect. Our long-term outlook enables us to invest in relationships and defines how we manage our physical assets. We seek to conduct our business in line with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and to work with partners who share our commitment to high international standards of operation, wherever they are based, and to act with consideration to local stakeholders. We are proud of the partnerships we have built over many years. We work collaboratively with our partners to try and find the best long-term solutions, which we deliver efficiently and safely. We appreciate the risks involved in the energy and commodities sector and take our responsibility towards health, safety and the environment extremely seriously. Furthermore, we are aware that our actions could impact a broader stakeholder group, including the communities in which we operate and we seek to mitigate impact and risks where possible. In all our physical operations we seek to work with partners who share our commitment to high international standards of operation. The infrastructure upon which we rely, from ships to jetties and storage, is subject to our due diligence processes.

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